Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 

[ChemE 3004]  Fall 2019

We discuss the fundamentals and applications of chemical engineering thermodynamics. The objectives of this class include: 

  • to know the energy and entropy balance. 

  • to know how to calculate the thermodynamic properties of real fluid.

  • to know how to estimate the thermodynamic properties of mixture.

  • to know the phase equilibrium of a multicomponent system. 

  • to know the applications of thermodynamics in the chemical engineering.

Computer-Aided Computation for Chemical Engineers

[ChemE 5036] Fall 2019

We use a commercialized package to simulate the daily-life transport phenomena. Every student will conduct a project about the transport phenomena in a system. The objectives of this class involve: 

  • to know how to use the commercialized package for the transport phenomena simulations.

  • to know how to simulate the daily-life transport phenomena. 

  • to know the optimal design of an engineering system.

  • to learn the presentation skills. 

Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

[ChemE 7003] Spring 2020

This course covers topics of statistical thermodynamics. The objectives of this class involve: 

  • to calculate thermodynamic properties from ensemble theory.

  • to understand various ensembles. 

  • to calculate second virial cofficient.

  • to use MATLAB to perform Monte Carlo simulations. 



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